Three reasons we love co-working

After leaving co-working in favour of a large private office (but less communal space), we found ourselves longing for the buzz of the co-working world. Co-working isn’t for everyone, but it turns out it’s definitely for us, and here are three reasons why:

1.       Flexibility
Everyone works in different ways and often individual team members work better in different environments. For a small team working across multiple projects, numerous break-out space options are a blessing, it increases productivity due to less distractions. The choice provided within a co-working space allows freedom to work dependant upon your needs, which is ideal for an (often loud) team like ours.

2.     Community
Working alongside likeminded people and businesses creates a positive atmosphere and brings with it a sense of community, as opposed to simply sharing an office building. We humans are social creatures and being in a social environment often has positive effects on mental health and wellbeing, in turn increasing productivity.

3.     Collaboration
In a co-working environment you have the ability to connect with small businesses, start-ups and freelancers that you wouldn’t normally meet in everyday business life. The opportunity to meet and interact with interesting and creative people in a relaxed, natural environment is one of the great benefits of co-working.