NEWS: Introducing Conductor’s new Co-Owner, ex-senior top tier Investment Banker, David Stevens

We are delighted to announce that David Stevens, ex-senior top tier investment banker, has joined founder, Charlotte Steedman, as co-owner of Conductor.

David describes his shift in career;

 After working with Conductor for a year as a non-exec, the decision to invest and join the company simply made itself. Nowhere could I find an energy, sense of purpose and business model that I believe in more, than with Charlotte and her team. The existing business was exciting enough, but the future was something I just had to be a part of.

David’s desire and ability to positively impact the direction societies will take comes from a unique combination of experience and passion. David’s main focus within the business will be to grow Conductor’s Customer Experience business, design, develop and collaborate on its new suite of technology offerings, and continue to build Conductors research and insights capabilities. He has a wealth of experience in delivering tailored solutions for complex client needs, working with mega data sets, and building systems and processes at scale; all of which will support Conductors plans for growth.

David says,

I believe that the home should be a nurturing space, a sanctuary and a hub for family. People are affected by the state of their home environment and its surrounding community. It affects how they, live, work, reflect and behave.  If no one owns the responsibility for creating it then we will continue to build and create disconnected spaces that are the root cause of problematic issues in today’s societies.

I love that Conductor are challenging the traditional industry approach to developments and are creating new ways of enabling communities to be happy, resilient and thriving. They have gathered real traction in the market, gaining the trust of some of London’s most influential institutions and developers working with them to curate, design and build conscious communities that positively impact people’s lives, health and behaviours. I’m excited to be a part of that.

Alas, David will not be heading to MIPIM this year but you can reach him on david@conductor.london if you’d like to get in touch.