Co-Work: Understanding Co-Culture

Investigating the co-working landscape to provide validation for our client’s business plan on a potential co-work space on The Strand

Identifying there is a need to better understand the culture of co-working, a study was undertaken on an area of central London where co-working space is under saturated. To explore the factors that affect the demand and success of co-working, the team looked at transport connections, existing businesses, new business due to move into the area, and local amenities.

Establishing key trends set to emerge within the co-working landscape

Professionals operating in the co-working sector were consulted and key trends set to emerge within the co-working landscape were established in order to rigorously validate our client’s business case.

Utilising various digital tools that collect and visualise network data, communities and tribes focused around co-work culture were analysed. This provided a deep understanding of the co-working scene, and a more strategic approach to their co-working initiative.