UK's first urban farming store

Aromatic bouquet garnish, fresh herbal teas, wild mushrooms, and rich salad mixes. This is just a taste of some of the products that Infarm, Europe’s experts in horticulture, industrial engineering, and gastronomy will be serving in their first innovative UK concept store.

Offering an ever-expanding catalogue, Infarm aims to provide Londoners with a greater selection of herbs and vegetables beyond those found in your everyday supermarkets. With flexitarianism and plant-based diets on the rise, there’s an increasing demand for alternative fruit and veg.

The takes pride of place within The Atlas Building’s new public space in Shoreditch. The development also features Provost & East, a 10-storey office building spanning 80,000 sq ft, home to co-working company WeWork, along with a new public piazza and retail space.

Conductor brokered this exciting deal between Rocket Properties and Infarm, after recognising Infarm as the perfect fit for this unique space. This is a part of London where people are showing us how they want to live, we need to pay attention to the changes in human behaviour and make sure we’re aligning core values to deliver a community that can work and thrive together. With produce grown on-site and sold minutes after being picked; residents, locals, and visitors will enjoy fresh, nutritious, and pesticide-free plants all year round.

The flagship store is responding to a significant worldwide movement for sustainable farming, as buyers seek to better understand how produce is grown and how far it travels to reach their shelves.

Infarm’s UK expansion follows its ongoing success in Europe, where it operates 300 farms across 10 cities, driven by the increasing value placed on sustainably grown produce that’s nutritious, biodiverse, and part of a food system that nurtures the environment.


The Atlas Building

Written by Charlotte Constance – Founder, Conductor 

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