Your brand in a time of uncertainty

History illustrates the making of some of today’s big-name brands. They were the ones that stepped up to the plate and delivered on the country’s needs. They survived and many still stand today.

For example, during WW2, M&S helped with the mass making and distribution of utility clothing - over 300 employees served in the RAF and employees were encouraged to train as Air Raid Wardens and Fire Watchers. Motorola created a FM portable backpack radio that was simple to use and could be relied upon - time of day, weather conditions and geographical location did not affect the range of the signal.

Now let’s face it, we are not at war and life is slowly returning to “normal”, but the way our businesses and outward-facing brands act now to positively impact lives, create community and be authentic in what they stand for, will make all the difference to their market position and customer loyalty in the future.

At Conductor, we have been keeping a close eye on trends and following those brands that we feel have navigated the storm with dignity and authenticity over the past few months. Here are our 11 tips to ensure your brand #Thrives now and in the future.

  1. Purpose-driven – brands that have a purpose beyond just financial gain are set to last. Take time to figure out your cause and start to take baby steps towards fulfilling it.
  2. Keep listening – now is a time to connect - speak openly, honestly and most importantly listen to your community. Generic mass communication misses a great opportunity to gather insight, connect with your audience and to add meaningful value.  Empower all levels of your team to keep in touch with your customers.
  3. Give a little escapism – it’s not all doom and gloom, customers are looking for a little escapism and normality during these unprecedented times. Ensure you engage with some respectful light-heartedness and fun.
  4. Take action – virtue signalling has to be one of the most detrimental mistakes you can make for both your personal and business brands. Jumping on the bandwagon just for the sake of it, can lose you followers and respect. By all means support and take action, but don’t just talk about it, do it.
  5. Review your processes - speed and agility are the difference between a brand surviving and a brand disappearing for good. Be agile and quick off the mark, yet sensitive. The turnaround time for brand campaigns has gone from months to days, don't get left behind.
  6. Quality environments and quality content – make sure your media buying and content sharing supports real journalism. A rise in misinformation and fake news is dangerous to your brand and people’s lives. Your customers rely on you to check your sources and choose your platforms wisely.
  7. Your brand as a connector – there are many businesses and individuals that are struggling, how can you create partnerships or connect your contacts?
  8. A digital push – all types of screen time have risen; from broadcast to streamers and social platforms. WhatsApp has seen a 40% increase in usage. Review your marketing plan and asses the correct platforms to use. Understand and then test what your audience favours in the digital world.
  9. Value over volume – don’t publish content or go live with a campaign for the sake of it. Stop, think and question its value and purpose. There is rightly a move towards targeted direct advertising and communication over mass distribution. Your micro audience will have a previous understanding and connection with your brand and therefore tailored content is more likely to hit home.
  10. Innovate – now is the time for innovation… it’s as simple as that. There are countless opportunities in a time of crisis, not to capitalise on others misfortune, but to think sideways and create better.
  11. Plan for the future – take time to think about and discuss what the future might look like, and plan accordingly. Create a framework with flex and the ability to be agile within it.

The way you act now will create a lasting impression.

Co-written by Charlotte Constance - Founder, Conductor and Chloe Pearson - Project Manager, Conductor  

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