The Thrive Survey 4 results are out. With the culminating report of 8,000 UK-wide participants, the surveys provide core themes and insight into how people can thrive in your spaces and places. We are delighted to present the final Thrive Survey report which aims to influence investors, developers, and operators to think about their product and service offerings at every stage of development. 

Founder of Conductor, Charlotte Constance says, “These reports are aimed at the Property Industry and give invaluable insight to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the needs and wants of participants connected to their spaces and places. We feel this is a timely and important set of insights.”


Conductors as “orchestrators of thriving societies”. 

In 2018, Conductor’s Thrive journey began with a passion for ensuring that individuals and communities are thriving in the places and spaces our clients create. The initiation of the Thrive Series began with an understanding of the “Participants not Passengers”, with our report looking at how we as an industry can facilitate active participation. This organically led us to create our Thrive in Five series where we interviewed key industry leaders and stakeholders resulting in solidifying our aspirations for the Property Industry.  All of this leads us to today, where we deliver results from our survey, producing thrive scores for both individuals and communities. With our findings, we can look at how various cohorts are faring, drilling down into their ability to thrive in the context of the spaces and places they inhabit.  

Insights from over 8,000 UK- wide samples. 

Through our four Thrive surveys, we have found that happiness and security remained the most important to the participants. Survey 1 assessed the definition of thriving and the factors important to the different cohorts. We followed this result with Survey 2 which delved into the future of living, looking into how frequently people move and the moving patterns amongst renters. This allowed us to gauge their future aspirations versus what is achievable. With the mentality that thriving can only work if it can touch all parts of our shared society, we used Survey 3 to explore brands, customer experience and the effect they have on our ability to thrive. Finally, with Survey 4, we highlight the need to create a positive loop and a stable environment for inhabitants, diminishing fluctuations in the cohort's feelings about thriving. 

Thriving, not just surviving. 

With our Thrive journey, we have created a narrative that links and highlights the standout findings summarised in the report. We now have a vast data set that we want to use to benchmark developments, audience segments and space and places. For example, if we think about a Build-to-Rent scheme in London; we can produce scores for renters in London specifically and by asking a similar set of questions to the residents in your development, we can benchmark against other renters in London to determine whether they are faring better or worse than their peers and in turn, delve into how we can enhance individuals and communities ability to Thrive. 

Vision for the future 

We won’t stop here – this is our passion, our purpose. We are a small business with big ambitions, we know these insights are and will continue, to have a big positive impact. We welcome comments, feedback, and ways to improve or enhance the next survey.

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