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We are delighted to launch The Thrive Survey, a joint effort between Conductor and our market research partner, Opinium.  We have committed to undertake a quarterly survey of 2,000 UK wide participants. This is the first in The Thrive Survey which will build throughout the years with the views of 8,000 respondents.

As “orchestrators of thriving societies”, Conductor is seeking to firstly ascertain what “thriving” means to people, to determine whether we are currently thriving, whether our communities are thriving and then to drill down into “thriving” in the context of the spaces and places we are connected to – from our homes and workplaces, through to our communities and neighbourhoods.

Founder of Conductor, Charlotte Constance says, “These reports are aimed at the Property Industry and give invaluable insight to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the needs and wants of participants connected to their spaces and places. The set of quarterly reports will show how sentiment change; as we emerge from lockdown and a world restricted by the pandemic. Our clients and contacts are more frequently asking about wellbeing and mental health and how their spaces and places can help participants thrive. With our partner Opinium, Conductor feels that this is a timely and important set of insights.”

The reports provide a summary of a large data set delivered by Opinium and then analysed and interpreted by Conductor, using our experience within spaces and places and our human-led insight approach. We have created a narrative that links and highlights the standout findings summarised in the report, but we are keen to point out there is a wealth of specific regional, age, gender, household status and income level information available, if of interest to readers. We welcome comments, feedback and ways to improve or enhance the next survey.


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