Creating positive experiences by bridging the gap between practical completion and customer satisfaction.

Alloy MTD Group


One Crown Place


City Fringes/Shoreditch, London


Residential Market Sale


Strategy & Systems
Connect & Inform


246 homes


SAY Property Consulting


3 years (ongoing)


With apartments in these KPF designed towers still available for sale post completion and a high level of competition in the area, it is imperative to uphold the utmost in customer satisfaction to ensure the development retains its exceptional reputation.

The complexity and size of the building also means that an experienced and professional team is required to enable smooth handovers and move-ins to deliver the level of service expected from both domestic and overseas purchasers.


We created and implemented all CX strategies and systems appropriate for the development. The senior advisory team continues to ensure integration of internal and external teams, including the main contractor, to enable a successful and smooth transition for the residents.

Nine months prior to completion, Conductor became the face of One Crown Place’s Customer Experience service, establishing one point of contact for all residents. We managed the portal development, newsletter content, design and fulfilment, creation of the homeowner guides and all other collateral.

We prepared customers for completion and move in’s and conducted the key handovers and home demonstrations with flair and professionalism to ensure an exemplary experience.

Currently, in the aftercare phase, we continue to manage the snag resolution and defects throughout the liability period. It is our role to ensure the contractors uphold their obligations, that resident satisfaction remains high and that the building is successfully handed over to the building manager.

Most notably we have designed, fielded and analysed a Customer Satisfaction Survey spanning the sales process, design and product, customer experience and building management/concierge. The results have been used by all teams to continually improve service delivery to customers and for future development planning.


Peace of mind for the client knowing that a professional and experienced team are managing the intricate completion, handover and defect process.

Frequent and honest communication with residents to inform and update during the COVID-19 challenges.

90% Overall net satisfaction for the development. 

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