Uncovering the market for Single Family Rental

Apache - Present Made




Houghton Conquest (Bedfordshire)


Single Family Rental




650 homes




6 months


With large ambitions to deliver the UK’s first service-led and highly amenitised Single Family Rental product, Present Made tasked us with outlining the market shape and size of their planned Bedfordshire scheme. To enable strategic decision making, Conductor was asked to determine the future participants of the scheme, test the proposed product offering and mix of use, along with identifying product, service and amenity requirements.


We applied both quantitative and qualitative research methods including demographic research, social listening and participant surveying to develop a thorough understanding of the potential Single Family Rental market.

The initial desk-based findings detailed the shape and size of the market from demand and migration through to affordability and a variety of demographic data points. Then through social listening and surveying a sample of 500 renters of appropriate income levels from locations we could likely draw them from, we were able to give a deep level of human-led insight. Demographics together with attitudes and behaviours and propensity to use services and amenities were presented  in the form of Participant Profiles, defining who will live in the place; their needs and wants. These bespoke Profiles not only provide key statistics but a true felt sense of who the participants will be, what makes them tick and the role they will play in making the project thrive.


Present Made used the insight to inform strategic decision making around the project’s positioning and product development, ultimately, informing and shaping the end product.

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