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CA Ventures – Novel Student


Novel Student


Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham, Canterbury, Belfast, London, Cork, Pamplona & Seville






12 PBSA sites


10 Months


With CA Venture’s Senior VP of Sales & Marketing going on maternity leave, Conductor was asked to fill the directorship role for their Novel Student brand in her absence. The requirement was twofold – both strategic and leadership based. From ensuring successful new market entries, to the implementation of go-to-market strategies and steering the ship to stay on course, ensuring no ball was dropped.


We joined the in-house team for Novel Student and headed up the Sales & Marketing team. We quickly immersed ourselves in the day-to-day operations and worked closely with internal and external stakeholders to manage campaigns and ensure a successful lease up of the portfolio.

We also focused on new market entries, by carrying out site visits and conducting analysis across cities in the UK, Spain and Ireland. Our responsibilities spanned from researching markets and competitors, providing input on interior design, developing building naming strategies, to managing budgets and finding, project managing and launching marketing suites and leasing offices. 


Conductor contributed to a successful lease-up of the European student accommodation portfolio, reaching occupancy levels of above 95%.  We efficiently delivered a number of projects from start to finish such as sourcing and launching a marketing suite and leasing office for Novel’s new site in Cork. We used our knowledge and language skills to help with two new Novel Student sites in Spain, conducting market research and competitor analysis and developing go-to-market strategies. We also managed the onboarding of two new UK student accommodations to the Novel Student portfolio along with the implementation of dedicated Sales & Marketing strategies for both sites.

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