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Conductor were tasked with creating a ”five-star” front of house experience for residents, as well as implementing a smoother move-in process and a system to integrate with the contractor to clear snags and defects.


Conductor was already working as the outsourced marketing team at Southbank Tower. This was then extended into customer experience to ensure brand values and reputation were upheld.

Together with SAY Property we were instrumental in appointing the front of house and property management team, to ensure a five-star service was created. A front of house brand – Consort 24 – was conceived. This entailed everything from training staff in brand values through to uniforms, activation of amenity space, marketing collateral and an app.

Being brought on board once move-ins were already underway was no easy task, yet the CX team integrated smoothly with Mace, setting up a system for monitoring and clearing snags and defect as well as moving residents into the building on weekends and after hours to ensure completions could occur as swiftly as possible.


The Telegraph wrote a piece outlining the exemplary experience saying it was probably “the best concierge service in London”. The experience was used widely as a marketing tool in a scheme that still had apartments to sell post completion.

By setting up a system for move-ins, which included weekends and after hours, the client was able to realise funds from completions more swiftly. Additionally, the process for monitoring and clearing snags and defects meant that a backlog was cleared, customers were communicated with more clearly and that led to a greater levels of satisfaction.

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