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A framework to deliver a differentiated and connected residential offer



Brand Positioning




Build to Rent




4 months


To deliver a compelling and differentiated proposition for Hines’ residential offer whilst developing a brand architecture which incorporated their existing Aparto student brand and a new business to consumer Build to Rent brand; accounting for the nuances of location, offer and price point and to establish Hines as a key player in the UK market.


Firstly, we fully immersed ourselves into the existing Hines and Aparto brands, to understand the relationship between the two and their value propositions. We then gathered insights so as to correctly position the “Hines Living” Platform and its BTR brand, ensuring relevance, resilience and alignment with the tried and tested Aparto proposition.

Then, by engaging and workshopping with the “Hines Living” team to understand the big picture, vision, aspirations and business objectives, we developed and delivered the brand strategy, ensuring a cohesive and futureproofed architecture and system, a clear brand proposition and a framework for the future delivery of a family of brands.


A framework, architecture and system from which to create a residential offer for Hines, laying firm foundations as the precursor to brand identity work and ensuring a differentiated positioning.

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