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JV - Brookfield, Concord Pacific and W1 Developments


Principal Tower


Shoreditch, London


Residential Market Sale


Strategy & Systems
Connect & Inform


299 homes


Multiplex Construction
SAY Property


3 years


To provide a seamless customer experience, managing all customer communication relating to handovers, move-ins, snags, defects and the two-year aftercare period for a culturally diverse set of residents with high expectations of quality and service.


Beginning nine months prior to practical completion, we worked with the developer, contractor, operations and building management teams to agree a strategy that would optimise customer satisfaction and the project’s financial goals. As part of the set-up phase, we brought all customer communications together under our white labelled team, ensuring consistent messaging regarding the latter stages of development and ensuring their preparation for the all-important completion and handover phases. 

As we moved through these latter stages, the established relationships with the residents, in-house legal teams, concierge and contractors meant that despite a condensed move-in period starting seven weeks prior to the end of the year, all customers could be accommodated, even those moving between Christmas and New Year. 

The aftercare, snagging and defect management period began as soon as the first resident was in their apartment ensuring a seamless experience from day one. As we continue through the aftercare phase our one-face of interaction model allows us to serve each customer personally according to their needs and at the same time provide frequent and complete reporting for our clients, identifying the most efficient way of dealing with any individual or systemic issues.                                                                       


By providing a team that can flex up and down in terms of experience and resource level at short notice, we were able to accommodate a more condensed initial move-in period than originally envisaged without impacting overall costs, satisfying residents and our clients alike. 

Additionally, given the challenges that COVID-19 and lockdown brought at a key stage of the aftercare phase, our tailored systems and processes were able to quickly adapt to an off-site operating model, ensuring the required level of service was maintained for all customers. 

Our objective position with regards to snags and defects has allowed us to provide our client with a clear understanding of items to be addressed by the contractor, and facilitate access for these to be remediated in a timely manner.

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