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Rocket Properties


The Atlas Building




Residential Market Sale




302 homes


Pollit & Partners
DH Liberty
SAY Property


5 years


To help create and deliver The Atlas Building - an iconic tower of 302 apartments on City Road in East London. The task was to ensure a joined-up approach to design, brand, promotion and delivery to secure off-plan sales prior to practical completion. In addition, Rocket Properties required a marketing partner for the duration of the project giving one point of contact so their focus could remain on delivery of the building.


We acted as an in-house marketing team, retained for five years. Initial consultation began on apartment layouts, specification, interior design and amenities. Once the product offer was defined, the marketing strategy was developed to ensure a joined-up approach to brand and lead generation and to support the sales strategy.

We then delivered on all marketing touchpoints, managing the creation of brand identity and marketing assets through to design and build of a best-in-class marketing suite.

The development was launched both locally and internationally with Conductor leading on planning and logistics. A key part of the project was ongoing lead generation and database building to provide leads to the selling agents as well as analysis and reporting on marketing spend. Conductor initiated and orchestrated brand partnerships, most notably with Infarm and DH Liberty to further promote the scheme and add hooks for prospects.


Over 85% of apartments were sold at practical completion. Furthermore, through ongoing lead and data analysis, we were able to continually reprogramme marketing activity to ensure a more targeted approach. In doing so the quality of leads was improved, the cost of leads decreased, resulting in lower costs per conversion over the life of the project.



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