Participant Profiling for Intergenerational Living Development

TLC Group


Heathbourne Green




Build to Rent
Residential Market Sale




1,100 homes


Churchill and Partners


6 months


TLC Group has the ambition to create UK’s first innovative rightsizing scheme. Plans for their Intergenerational Living Development will redefine how we care for an ageing population whilst meeting the changing needs of the wider community regardless of age, faith, race or mobility. TLC appointed us to test their vision and help them shape their plans. We were tasked to help determine the product offer, mix of use and target audience, to be fed into the business case, the design brief and used in the planning process.


We combined various research methods to ensure the optimal outcomes for this project. We first carried out demographic research to understand and outline the size and shape of the market for rental, private sale and assisted living - identifying the potential audience for the scheme. As a next step we conducted focus groups and surveys of the audience to get a better understanding around their demand from the physical space in terms of homes, design, services and amenities. Through social listening we gathered additional insight providing more context to the project. 

We interpreted the findings into human-led insight in the form of Participant Profiles, outlining who will ultimately live in the place. These bespoke profiles not only provide key statistics but a true felt sense of who the participants will be, what makes them tick and the role they will play in making the community thrive.


The research culminated in a detailed research report with product recommendations for TLC’s Intergenerational Living development. It helped identify the requirements of the target audiences in relation to the design, amenity and service offer. By giving deep insight into customer attitudes and behaviours, we were able to help shape the business case and planning process.

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