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Sphere of influence

  • 11,002Homes in London & UK
  • 4,528Build to rent
  • £5.6bnTotal GDV
  • £865mContributed to sales revenues

Thinkers & Doers

Founding Conductor in 2014, Charlotte previously held senior positions in highly recognised real estate businesses and has been responsible for the marketing strategy and delivery of some of London’s most notable developments. She has the ability to remain focused on the big picture, ensuring clients’ commercial goals are met while their customers’ needs and wants are fulfilled. Win-win. Charlotte’s experience, credibility, directness and ability to communicate at all levels as well as her level-headed approach to challenging briefs and situations, quickly builds trust and confidence. She is a connector of likeminded people, a natural leader and has an unwavering positive outlook. She is driven to ensure the wellbeing and fulfilment of the Conductor team.



Extensive client-side leadership positions within the UK and Australia with a focus on strategy, positioning and branding, Caitlin has the ability to take something average or good and make it exponentially great. Highly analytical and a natural problem solver, Caitlin consistently goes beyond the call of duty for all of our clients and as our Managing Director, for Conductor too. With discerning interests in art, culture, travel and dining out, Caitlin is Conductor’s very own restaurant critic.



Constance is Conductor’s Campaign Strategist.  Her desire for data, information and analytics, coupled with creativity in abundance, is rare. Left brain meets right. This stems from her foundations in screenwriting, art and design and an early career in film and television production. These skills come into play for Conductor’s clients where Constance uses real time information to plan future lead-generating campaigns, always with a view to increase lead quality whilst decreasing cost. She has an eye for good design and is plugged into fashion and London culture. New openings, independent exhibitions and discovery, Constance is Conductor’s trend-spotter.



With an honours degree in Marketing Management, Victoria diligently project manages delivery of marketing strategies. Her unwavering can-do attitude sees her go above and beyond at every opportunity. Victoria has worked in the US and in Canada in education and leisure and in the UK on London residential developments with a focus on the mid-market. She is a lateral thinker with a no-drama approach and her direct and open communication style ensures she quickly builds rapport with clients. Victoria is resourceful, sociable and high energy.



Spending her early career in leisure and hospitality, Jackie has always put customers’ needs and wants at the very centre of all she does. She put these skills to use in Hong Kong where she worked on residential sales and international advertising as well as in the UK, marketing notable residential developments. Jackie’s skills also span business to business marketing and she has worked for several companies in the legal sector. Currently attaining a MSc in Real Estate at Reading University, she is Conductor’s academic, always studying something new to satisfy her passion for learning. In between, she is Conductor’s encyclopaedia on all things travel. An explorer at heart.



With an honours degree in English, Imogen’s love for writing sees her add a creative flair to all of her work, tapping into clients’ brand personalities and bringing them to life. Her insatiable hunger for knowledge means she is always pushing herself towards new challenges, new ideas and better solutions. Having held a number of positions within hospitality, Imogen is conscious of customer needs and remains dedicated to ensuring these are met throughout all stages of her work. When she’s not exploring new spaces and indulging in city and festival culture, you can be sure that Conductor’s self-confessed bookworm will be nose deep in her latest read.



Obsessed with the logistics of social networks Tilley takes a hands-on approach to data collection, immersing herself within communities and tribes to understand what it is that makes them thrive. A connector of people, Tilley is dedicated to designing solutions which improve the function and effectiveness of social networks, and influence the successful development of communities. Tilley is passionate about the power of art and founded The Depot, a creative art and events venue in Hackney, as a space to support aspiring creatives in producing work and showcasing their talents. Firmly believing that the way forward is the triple bottom line, Tilley is consistently pursuing new ways of using data to inspire positive social change. Tilley loves nothing more than to discover the stories of others, she gets her kicks by gathering together groups of people to play with ideas and create new things.



Dedicated to inspiring social change, Alex uses his drive for the exploration, research and analysis of data to create powerful stories that inspire fresh ways of thinking. Alex’s background in photojournalism means his approach to data analysis is a creative one, as he’s constantly searching for new, innovative ways to consult with communities around area development and regeneration. With self-taught graphic design skills and a love for great design, Alex is always seeking out different methods of storytelling, from photography and video to infographics and data visualisation. The result of years spent building, testing and developing software to animate network data is the ability to understand what makes communities thrive, and use this information to influence positive social change.  Alex is a gadgets man, he is the ultimate self-teacher. A mixologist of sorts – bringing a variety of skills, talents and software knowledge to make and create.



An accomplished career in investment banking saw David develop skills in quantitative technical analysis, complex project management and process and governance design. David uses these skills as Conductor’s non-executive director, advising on the expansion of the business and always ensuring that the company stays aligned to its core principles. Through yoga, meditation and the study of a variety of spiritual practices, David developed a passionate interest in the effect of an organisations culture on its people, clients and society. This passion led David to join Conductor in their efforts to create positive social impact through all of their work, and today he is helping to establish a not-for-profit organisation aimed at helping people rediscover their true purpose. With a collection of over 2000 bottles, David is Conductor’s very own wine buff.