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Successful entrepreneur, prominent industry speaker and Non-Exec of Orbit Homes, Charlotte has 17 years’ experience in the property industry. After a 12-year career working within the built environment for highly regarded real estate businesses, Charlotte’s enterprising, entrepreneurial and empathetic nature led her to set up Conductor in 2014.

Determined to set up a new type of business, focusing Clients on the participants of places and spaces as the starting point for development, Charlotte has built Conductor with firm foundations in research, understanding and evidencing the wants and desires of participants and the actual needs of communities. The aim of Conductor is to combine this practice with industry leading development strategies to create the best social and financial returns.

Growing up in South Africa, Charlotte was acutely aware of the delicate social fabric of communities and the effect that people’s living conditions have on their wellbeing, state of mind and ability to move forward in life. Her aim is to make a difference to the way people live; focusing on their homes and living environment, so that individuals feel happy, supported and secure and in turn can look after themselves, their loved ones and contribute to their community in a positive way.

Charlotte’s outlook and approach is one of positivity and clear direction. Her experience and her vision, drive her passion to create a change in outlook within the industry.

Her success to date has seen her achieve numerous accolades and awards. As well as featuring as an award judge, panellist and keynote speaker on the Global Stage.



As a member of the Conductor team since its inception Constance’s career has expanded exponentially in line with her ambitions.

With 9 years working in property under her belt, her focus has evolved in line with her passion for transformation within the residential sector to achieve positive social change. Constance’s ambition is to create the change necessary to ensure that everyone in the UK has the same opportunities for living a safe, happy and fulfilled life regardless of social or financial status.

Her desire to use insights and evidence to inform positive change across both the private and public sectors, prompted her to retrain in data, analysis and research. Her knowledge and experience now drive Conductor’s human-led insights; forming holistic insights into the participants of a place and unearthing the essence and purpose of a development to ensure that the places and spaces we are creating are sustainable and thriving societies in the short, medium and long term.

Constance’s analytical and data driven approach is complimented by her creativity and vision. Her in-depth knowledge in the nuances, imbalances and consequences of the traditional development model are what drives her plight for change and the adoption of a more sustainable egalitarian approach to the creation of places and spaces.

CONSTANCE JAGGARD, Senior Strategist


Victorias mix of experience in personal and private sector property development coupled with her experience working in social housing has focussed her attention firmly on making a difference in the long-lasting infrastructure of our cities and communities.

Born into a family of property developers and having started developing herself at just 22, Victorias property career formerly began in Social Housing, with a focus on large regeneration projects. It was here that she became impassioned about the positive changes that can be made to a community, and where she witnessed some of the negatives.

Her role within Conductor now gives her more exposure to make a difference on a greater scale, believing firmly that successful property development isn’t about GDV and development stats, it’s about human intelligence, about people, feelings, and the wants and needs of communities.

Victorias focus is now the creation of successful places that enhance the community and its participants, providing lasting benefit to the community and the environment. Places where the participants are invested in its future, thereby making them sustainable for generations to come.

Victorias pragmatic project management and multi stakeholder management skills are bolstered by her acumen and her precise and efficacious approach. Her intelligence and sagacious manner will ensure she’ll become one of the sectors future thought leaders in Urban Regeneration.

VICTORIA GLAVAS, Senior Strategist


With a career spanning over 20 years in Financial Services, David has honed his expertise in working with mega data sets, building systems and processes at scale. He has specialised in delivering pragmatic solutions that balance strong intellectual principles with the realities of their environments.

Since joining Conductor in 2017 he has dedicated his time to bringing a fresh perspective to projects in the property industry and implementing the pillars of its new business model.

David’s desire and ability to positively impact the direction societies will take comes from a unique combination of experience and passion.

David’s style is one of notice-able humility, his intent is one of understanding and his thirst for new ideas and approaches, coupled with his accomplished background and intellect, make him a huge asset to not only Conductor, but the many businesses we work with.



Spending her early career in leisure and hospitality, Jackie has always put customers’ needs and wants at the very centre of all she does. She put these skills to use in Hong Kong where she worked on residential sales and international advertising as well as in the UK, marketing notable residential developments. Jackie’s skills also span business to business marketing and she has worked for several companies in the legal sector. Currently attaining a MSc in Real Estate at Reading University, she is Conductor’s academic, always studying something new to satisfy her passion for learning. In between, she is Conductor’s encyclopaedia on all things travel. An explorer at heart.



Closely involved with pioneering web projects and owner of one of the UK’s first SEO agencies, Ruth has retained a love for all things digital. With this comes many years of experience in building business infrastructures, systems and devising management processes which allow for stable, successful growth and scale-up.

An analytical thinker and natural problem-solver, Ruth’s background in psychology has given her a keen interest in developing better ways of working. This enables her to support Conductor’s success and establish an environment where personal growth is nurtured in an atmosphere of excellence. Together with this comes an interest in helping promote the knowledge required by communities, in order to sustain themselves in a healthy and economically-viable manner.

RUTH BRECHER, Business Manager