Thrive Series: Participants Not Passengers


We believe that the creation of thriving societies should be at the core of the development industry, but beliefs only become reality once we act upon them.

It’s from the desires of seeing this belief brought to life that the Thrive Series was born.

The Thrive Series is a forum that brings together individuals and organisations through a series of events, workshops and publications, that share Conductor’s vision of creating thriving societies.

Our aim is that, by the end of the series, we will have a more holistic understanding of what constitutes a thriving society, have built a Thrive ecosystem of like-minded peers and created a movement to initiate change.

The series kicked off in September 2019 by focusing on the core element: participation. It is the fundamental building block towards the creation of a thriving society. It is also the element we believe needs to significantly change.

The common themes throughout our report:

  • Enable the silent majority versus the vocal minority
  • Generating trust needs to move much further up the agenda
  • The earlier participation comes, the greater the potential ROI
  • Frequent, longer and more diverse participation is required
  • Better leveraging of digital communication must happen
  • Honesty, openness and clarity should be prioritised
  • There is such a thing as over-participation, but we’re not there yet

To learn more about our thoughts on participation, why it is important and the benefits it has on development, download the full Thrive Report.

To register your interest in the second event in our Thrive Series – Purpose – please email hello@conductor.london.