About us

Our ability to create and deliver great work is underpinned by three pillars. This nose-to-tail service offering gives us a holistic view of the development process, enabling us to add value from inception through to completion and beyond, or on a standalone project basis.


Turning data into human-led insights, providing evidence for strategic decision making.


Creating, then delivering go-to-market strategies to enable economic and social returns.


Providing a seamless customer care experience, ensuring satisfaction, enhancing reputation and maximising potential.

What we do

We have worked on over 60 spaces and places projects, both large and small, honing our services to specifically suit the aims of our clients so they can meet and surpass their customers’ needs.

We have developed methods to interpret data into human-led insight, created platforms to facilitate creative and strategic thinking, built systems for effective and efficient delivery and established a best-in-class customer care service to maximise satisfaction.

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Retain and Enhance

Finishing with a flourish, our best-in-class, white-labelled customer care team provides a single-face of contact and premium experience for your customers across the all-important pre and post-completion customer journey. Enhancing your reputation and their satisfaction alike, along with giving you, the developer, peace of mind.

Strategy & Systems

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Pre & Post Occupation Strategy
  • Team Integration & Protocols
  • Advisory
  • Systems Implementation

Connect & Inform

  • Resident Contact & Communication
  • Resident Portal & Newsletters
  • Homeowner Completion Pack
  • Analysis & Reporting


  • Contractor Handovers
  • Resident Handovers
  • Snag Management
  • Bespoke Customer Experience Surveys
  • Analysis & Reporting


  • Defect Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Void Unit Management
  • Handover to Building Management
  • Analysis & Reporting

Why Experience?

  • Effective & aligned customer communications
  • Frees management to focus on commercial goals
  • Energy & focus with expertise at a critical time
  • Enhances brand, reputation & reviews
  • Maximises remaining sales velocity & price
  • Optimises snag & defect resolution & budgets

Connect and convert

Using the latest insights, our Strategy team creates solutions that meet the needs and tastes of participants, delivering on our client’s commercial goals. Our one-point-of-contact project managers deliver these on brand, on time and on budget.


  • Place
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Lettings (Build-To-Rent)
  • Business Cases
  • Advisory


  • Marketing Assets
  • Lead Generation & Campaign Management
  • Launches, Events & Activation
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting, Analysis and Reporting

Why Generate?

  • Strategy built on experience, knowledge & data
  • Cohesion across marketing, sales & design teams
  • Allows targeted sales & marketing activity
  • Integrated KPI, budgets & timeline management
  • Measure, manage, report on ROI of marketing spend
  • Provides a flexible, high-quality resource model
  • Frees Development team to focus on delivery

Identify and understand

Using a variety of evidence-gathering methods, our Insights team identifies your brand and product positioning. Then we define your target audience by painting a picture of who those participants will be and personalising their wants and needs in the context of your space or place.


  • Demographic Research
  • Social Listening
  • Participant Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Workshops
  • Audits


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local Area Overview
  • Market Overview
  • Industry and Global Trends
  • Audience Snapshot


  • Participant Profiling
  • Product and Brand Positioning
  • Product Viability
  • Product Development

Why Explore?

  • Establishes SWOT of existing product/business
  • Identifies and personifies target audience
  • Ensures relevancy with latest market knowledge and trends
  • Aligns customer needs with product development
  • Integrates purpose into place creation
  • Sets foundations and vision for entire project

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Our people

From all walks of life with diverse personal and professional experiences; we are a dedicated, smart and thoughtful team. We listen first, then think and do. We are resourceful and relish a challenge.

Charlotte Constance

Charlotte Constance

Founder & Managing Director

Successful entrepreneur, prominent industry speaker, Charlotte has 20 years’ experience in the property industry. Her career has seen her hold senior marketing and board positions within highly regarded real estate businesses.

Her enterprising, energetic and empathetic nature led her to set up Conductor in 2014. She has a knack for connecting, collaborating and creating cohesion between multiple stakeholders on complex projects.

Charlotte is determined to disrupt traditional thinking by focusing clients on participants as the starting point for space and place development, to create both economic and social returns.

Superpower: Positively Charged

David Stevens

David Stevens

Executive Director

With a career spanning over 20 years at a senior management level in investment banking, working in the UK, US and Australia, David honed his expertise in working with mega data sets and building systems and processes at scale. He specialises in delivering pragmatic solutions that balance strong intellectual principles with the realities of their environments.

Since joining Conductor as a non-exec in 2017 and later investing to become co-owner in 2018, he has dedicated his time to bringing a fresh perspective to traditional ways of thinking in the property industry. Using evidence and critical thinking, he and the team have delivered human-led insights on a number of projects allowing for evidence-based decision making.

Superpower: Intellectually Earthed

Rianne Reading

Rianne Reading

Head of Customer Experience

In over 11 years of working across the housing and construction sector, Rianne has developed a thorough understanding of what ‘excellence’ looks like when it comes to customer service.

For Rianne, it starts with being passionate about people. Over the years she’s rolled up her sleeves and talked to thousands of residents, landlords, contractors and clients about their needs.

In former roles her solutions-based approach has seen her heading up Customer Care functions for Berkeley Group and Ardmore. If a resident has asked it – anywhere, even once – she has answered it.

Superpower: Radiantly Resolute

Alex Ryden

Alex Ryden

Senior Consultant – Insight Lead

Having held several senior communication roles in the private and public sector, Alex brings a unique blend of both data analytics and insights together with marketing and strategy to Conductor. He has worked for clients such as Kellogg, Starbucks, Philips, as well as leading the strategic marketing function of the NCSC – part of GCHQ. 

 Alex is focused on gathering and interpreting evidence to help our clients gain a deep understanding of their audience, then translating this insight into actionable strategy.  Understanding people, behaviours and trends is key to his work.

A newcomer to the property industry, he will bring new perspectives and ideas to both our clients and our team.

Superpower: Compassionately Driven

Chloe Pearson

Chloe Pearson

Senior Consultant – Marketing Lead

Chloe studied graphic design, specialising in Advertising, which led her to her first role at JWT in Malaysia. She soon realised that whilst having an eye for the creative, her true skills were in strategic thinking and project management. She has worked with the likes of Identity and Stepladder, managing a wide variety of space and place brand and marketing projects, both residential and commercial.

She is Conductor’s glue. Her efficiency, professionalism and attitude allow for smooth and enjoyable working relationships with a focus on the utmost in delivery.

Superpower: Creatively Grounded

Deborah Morralee

Deborah Morralee

Customer Experience Manager

Deborah’s early career in the airline industry provided her with valuable experience in the provision of excellent customer service.  She then turned to property and has over 15-years of experience working in high-end residential developments in London.

Her focus is to train and manage the team to deliver an exemplary service whilst being the key point of contact for clients, contractors and customers on-site. Passionate about the importance of the customer journey from beginning to end, it is her goal to make customers’ experience positive and to give our clients peace of mind.

Superpower: Professionally Optimistic

Dominique Kroon

Dominique Kroon

Senior Consultant

Dominique is our very own multilingual marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in the property industry, most recently with Hammerson and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

Her speciality lies in mixed-use developments, with a strong track record of creating innovative and data-driven marketing strategies to generate revenue and drive engagement across projects in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Spain.

She has a passion for data and insights and is currently studying Data Science. She links our data and strategic marketing teams, ensuring insights are relevant and implementable.

Superpower: Tactfully Tenacious

Fieroza Selman

Fieroza Selman

Senior Customer Experience Executive

Over the past five years, Fieroza has worked for two of the UK's leading property Developers. Most recently under the Berkeley Group at high-end developments such as Vista and West End Gate.

She has extensive experience in delivering a seamless customer experience from start to finish. With her illuminating personality and smile, Customers always feel comfortable and assured that their needs will be met.

Fieroza strives for continuous progress and always aims to set herself up for success.

Superpower: Illuminatingly Professional 

Lauren Sadler

Lauren Sadler

Senior Customer Experience Manager

Over the past seven years Lauren has worked with some of the UK’s biggest and best housing and construction companies, including two 5* housebuilders. She’s helped oversee some of London’s most notable and headline-grabbing development projects, including One Blackfriars, Chelsea Creek and London Dock.

Experienced with projects at scale, Lauren is still a champion of the human touch. She has spent countless hours meeting face-to-face with stakeholders, and resident satisfaction is always the bottom line for Lauren. Her experience in delivering it is invaluable for Conductor’s clients.

Superpower: Personably Positive

Linda Sesay

Linda Sesay

Senior Customer Experience Executive

Linda is extremely versatile in all that she does. With a background in events, I.T., and the charity sector, her gentle and empathetic nature has laid solid foundations for building relationships and reaching resolutions for our clients and customers.

Beyond her friendly smile and infectious positivity, Linda’s impeccable attention to detail assists the team in developing a seamless customer journey.

Superpower: Assiduously Attentive

Tara Hamilton

Tara Hamilton

Customer Experience Operations Manager

Tara has worked in both the Health & Wellness and the Residential Property sectors for a period of 10 years and during this time, she has developed a thorough understanding of what world class customer experience looks like. Having set up her own company with the focus on delivering the highest quality of service in Nutrition Consultations and Massage Therapies to her clients, Tara went on to head up the Customer Service team at British Homesellers.

Tara’s focus is on delivering excellence and enabling people to thrive. Regardless of the industry, the driving force in her work lies within the feeling of truly making a difference for the people she works with and the customers she delivers a service to. With her uber attention to detail, Tara has joined the business as Operations Manager within our Customer Experience business.

Superpower: Mercifully Meticulous  

Kayshia Corette

Kayshia Corette

Customer Experience Manager

Having worked in Customer Experience for 17 years, 8 of which have been within the property sector, Kayshia brings a wealth of experience to Conductor CX. Previous roles have seen her managing the entire customer journey from exchange to completion including customer communications, and quality inspections, managing the completions and handovers process shortly after practical completion, then followed by assisting customers with their every need throughout the aftercare period and beyond.

Kayshia not only understands both the strategic and operational demands of the Customer Experience function, but she also possesses a high emotional intelligence allowing her to connect with customers during the good times and empathise with them during the more challenging times, whilst always ensuring she goes the extra mile to try and make every outcome a positive one.

Superpower: Innately Empathic

Teresa Flynn

Teresa Flynn

Customer Experience Manager

Customer satisfaction has been at the core of Teresa’s motivations over the last decade of working on new-build residential developments. Having previously worked with some of London’s leading developers handing over luxury projects to the highest of standards, including the iconic Battersea Power Station.

She has joined Conductor with an authentic passion for handing over quality homes, and Teresa draws on the diversity of her experience in both defect management and legal completions to inform her solution-finding approach and confidently claims ‘service with a smile’ as an unofficial tagline.


Authentically Attentive

Sahina Sherchan

Sahina Sherchan

Junior Consultant

Having just graduated from studying Journalism and Communications, Sahina has previously freelanced as a Marketing Coordinator, Podcast Producer and Blog Writer. With a lifelong interest in art and storytelling, she values creative communication and new ways to visualise and present information. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong as a “third-culture kid”, she adapts quickly and feels at home in new situations. As Conductor’s Digital Marketing Executive, she connects customers to spaces and places in authentic and innovative ways, pushing boundaries in traditional property marketing.  

Superpower: Creatively Progressive

Gyanendra Tewari

Gyanendra Tewari

Customer Experience Executive

Gyan has worked in both the Real Estate and I.T. sectors for a period of over 18 years. During this time, he has worked with one of the largest developers in the Gulf region, Emaar.

Gyan has built up a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, assisting the customer from point of exchange, through to the end of the defect liability period. He is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience and it is his mission to constantly look for ways to improve processes, ensuring the delivery of a seamless service to all.

Superpower: Kaizen & Kindness

Tiffany Choy

Tiffany Choy

Senior Customer Experience Executive

Tiffany has over 6 years of experience working in luxury residential customer experience, across both London and Hong Kong. She has worked with some of Hong Kong’s leading and award-winning developers including Wheelock Properties, China Evergrande Group and Henderson Land. Her most recent, high-profile venture being with R&F Properties at their Thames City site.

Tiffany grew up in Hong Kong, which provides her with a deep understanding of Asian culture; whilst being fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin enables her to effectively communicate and connect with customers from those regions.

Tiffany is always striving to find a solution and aims for a positive outcome in every customer interaction. Her empathetic nature means she always strives to put the customer at the heart of what she does.

Superpower: Resolution Focused

Keira Lui

Keira Lui

Customer Experience Executive

Keira studied nursing and has experience across a range of industries including recruitment, healthcare and property, showing just how versatile in nature she is.

Beyond the essence of her assiduous character, she is highly caring and empathetic and always looks to put the customer first. Having grown up in Hong Kong, she is also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, enabling her to easily connect with customers from Cantonese and Mandarin speaking regions.

Her caring nature and attention to detail means she is extremely adept at providing an excellent customer experience, regardless of the industry.

Superpower: Excellence Enthusiast

Lauren Farquharson

Lauren Farquharson

Senior Customer Experience Executive

Lauren has been working in Customer Experience roles within the residential property industry for 5 years, having worked on some of London’s largest luxury developments, such as Battersea Power Station and 1 Mayfair. During this time, Lauren has developed a keen eye for detail, both in apartment quality and quality of service, and has gained extensive knowledge of the systems and processes that are required to deliver exceptional Customer Experience.

With listening as one of Lauren’s greatest attributes, her role in understanding individual customer needs and providing a tailored service to all comes effortlessly. Lauren is driven by resident satisfaction and problem solving, and takes a proactive, hands-on approach to deliver a best-in-class service to all.

Superpower - Intently Intuitive

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